Performing assemblies, mappings and some analysis for the CONCOCT paper. Code can be found at:

Assemblies * NewMock{1,2,2b} - Performed on Lindgren * Sharon2013 - Performed on Milou


Used these crazy oneliners:

# map all reads
d=`pwd`; for s in ../../NewMock2/Sorted_Sample*R1*.fasta.gz; do mkdir -p ${s##.*/}; cd ${s##.*/}; ls bowtie2/asm_pair-smds.coverage || sbatch -d afterok:1735572 -A b2010008 -t 12:00:00 -J NewMock1-ref-map -p core -n 4 ~/bin/sbatch_job bash $METASSEMBLE_DIR/scripts/map/ -ct 4 -p '-f' ../$s ../${s/R1/R2} pair ../ref.fa asm bowtie2; cd $d; done

# check for completion of coverage generation
find /proj/b2013151/nobackup/private/per-sample-asm -name *.coverage | parallel grep -q 'genome' {} '||' echo no genome in {}

# copy mapping stats
for s in NewMock2b/out_41/remap/*/*.out; do cat $s | head -50 | awk -v sample=`echo ${s} | cut -d/ -f4` -v OFS="\t" '{if ($0 ~ "were paired") {a = $1;} if ($0 ~ ") aligned concordantly 0 times") { b = $1} if ($0 ~ ") aligned concordantly exactly 1 time" ) {c = $1} if ($0 ~ "aligned concordantly >1 times") { d=$1 } if ($0 ~ ") aligned 0 times") {e=$1} if ($0 ~ "% overall alignment rate") { f = $1 } } END { print sample,a,b,c,d,e,f }'; done' } }")" }"") }}'

# copy duplication stats
find . -name *.metrics | sort -k5 -t_ | xargs -n1 awk '{if (NR==8) {print $3}}'

Generate CONCOCT input files

Generate the input table for CONCOCT after mapping:

sbatch -t 06:00:00 -A b2010008 -p core -n 8 -J gen_input_table --output=concoct_inputtable_4f4685e.tsv-slurm.out ~/bin/sbatch_job time python /glob/inod/github/CONCOCT/scripts/ --isbedfiles --samplenames '<(for s in *_1.fastq.gz; do echo ${s%%_1.fastq.gz}; done)' Contigs.fasta *.fastq.gz/bowtie2/asm_pair-smds.coverage '>' concoct_inputtable_4f4685e.tsv

Generate the linkage table:

sbatch -A b2010008 -J ecoli-linkage -t 06:00:00 -p node -n 16 --output=concoct_linkage_4f4685e.tsv-slurm.out ~/bin/sbatch_job time python /glob/inod/github/CONCOCT/scripts/ -m 16 --samplenames '<(for s in *.fastq.gz; do echo ${s%%_1.fastq.gz}; done)' --fullsearch --regionlength 500 Contigs.fasta *.fastq.gz/bowtie2/asm_pair-smds.bam '>' concoct_linkage_4f4685e.tsv

Generate read counts for simulated mock data for contig to genome assignments:

sbatch -A b2010008 -p node -n 16 -t 02:00:00 -J newmock1-41-count --output=contig_count_per_genome_4f4685e.tsv-slurm.out ~/bin/sbatch_job time python /glob/inod/github/CONCOCT/scripts/ -m 16 Contigs.fasta ../../../ref.fa Sorted*/bowtie2/asm_pair-smds.bam '>' contig_count_per_genome_4f4685e.tsv

Copying files between servers

Pretty useful to copy files between servers while keeping full path of the file:

rsync --relative --progress -avhe 'ssh -p 99999' `find NewMock2b/ -regex '.*\(Contigs.fasta\|concoct_.*.tsv.*\|contig_count_per_genome.*.tsv.*\)'` ino@xx.xx.xx:/home/ino/projects/concoct-paper-assemblies/concoct-paper-assemblies/

Cutting up contigs

We found that cutting up contigs in pieces of 10K improved the binning:

time python ~/gitrepos/biorhino-tools/scripts/ -c 10000 -o 0 -m Contigs.fasta

MetaWatt v 1.7

Used GBK files to build reference database (includes Bacteria and Archaea):

Explanation is in the README of MetaWatt:

We cut up contigs in 10K and filtered contigs < 1K out. Then simply chose a bin size that resulted in the expected number of bins for high confidence binning.

  • NewMock1 high confidence 20 clusters min bin size 1900 kb
  • NewMock2 high confidence 101 clusters min bin size ??
  • Sharon2013 high confidence 34 clusters min bin size 110 kb

Used to extract the clusters:

less | grep '^#con' | grep '     All     ' | awk -v OFS=',' '{print $1,$3}' | sed 's/Sharon2013_high_bin_//' | sed 's/^#//' > high_confidence.csv '

Checking metagenome coverage and contig assignment

We are not able to get more genomes out than we assembled so it is good to look at the actual coverage of the metagenome, see the notebook. We used MUMmer for the alignment:

d=`pwd`; for c in out_41/Contigs.fasta; do mkdir -p ${c%%/*}/mummer && sbatch --output=${c%%/*}/mummer-slurm.out -p core -n 4 -A b2010008 -t 01-00:00:00 -J mummer-NewMock2b-${c%%/*} ~/bin/sbatch_job bash -x /glob/inod/github/metassemble/scripts/validate/nucmer/ genomes_above25_80_new_final.fasta $c ${c%%/*}/mummer/nucmer; cd $d; done

Duplication problem in Ray

Stumbled on a duplication problem for F Prau. See also the notebook. We checked duplication with MUMmer:

for c in AnotherMock1/out_41/Contigs.fasta; do mkdir -p ${c%/*}/mummer-dup && sbatch --output=${c%/*}/mummer-dup-slurm.out -p core -n 4 -A b2010008 -t 5:00:00 -J mummer-dup-${c%/*} ~/bin/sbatch_job bash -x /glob/inod/github/metassemble/scripts/validate/nucmer/ $c $c ${c%/*}/mummer-dup/nucmer; cd $d; done

Then removed duplicate contigs with this gist:


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